All Volunteers at Ward 5 Neighborhood Centre have certain responsibilities including the following:

  1. Child Abuse Registry and a Police check
  2. Carry though with their commitment to the agency.
  3. A volunteer must be on time, reliable and mature in attitude.
  4. Volunteers must work as a team and accept the leadership and guidance of their supervisor.
  5. Volunteers will always consult agency staff for clarification of policy and / or procedures.
  6. Volunteers are to participate in any orientation and training programs when required.
  7. Volunteers must maintain confidentiality and respect the uniqueness of individuals
  8. they will meet within Ward 5 environment.
  9. Volunteers will represent Ward 5 Neighborhood Centre in a positive manner when dealing with the public.
  10. Volunteers must ensure that they are informed concerning their responsibilities and their limits.

Click here to download a copy of our Volunteer Application Form to be filled out and emailed to joyc@ward5.org or dropped off at our office.